Frequently Asked Questions:

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Where is your pharmacy located?

Do you do delivery? Is it free?

Yes. We do free delivery within the Red Deer city limits. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible but can usually accommodate reasonably last minute requests as well.

Aside from filling my prescription what other services does your pharmacy offer?

  • Prescribing Pharmacists
  • Injection Administration
  • One on One Counseling and Medication Reviews
  • Certified Diabetes Educator on Staff
  • Travel Health Consults
  • On Site Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Anticoagulation Management
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Blister-packing
  • Basic Compounding
  • Vitamins & Supplements

What does a “prescribing pharmacist” mean?

A prescribing pharmacist is someone who has been granted privileges by the Alberta College of Pharmacists to offer initial access prescribing, meaning they can write prescriptions for medications without you having to see a physician or go to a walk-in clinic.

What kind of medications can a pharmacist prescribe?

Pharmacists may prescribe all Schedule 1 drugs and blood products. There are no lists of drugs; instead, all pharmacists are expected to limit their prescribing to situations where they have an adequate understanding of the patient, the condition being treated, and the drug being prescribed.

Pharmacists may not prescribe narcotics, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, anabolic steroids and other drugs regulated by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

(Section 16, Pharmacists Profession Regulation; Standard 11, Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians)

How can you benefit from pharmacist prescribing?

Albertans have better access to their drug therapy and will benefit from greater use of pharmacists’ knowledge and skills. Pharmacists are often the most accessible health care professional and are the experts on medications. Pharmacist prescribing is done in cooperation with another health professional. Therefore, as pharmacists work with other health professionals, Albertans benefit from the combined expertise of a health care team.

What issues affect how or if a pharmacist prescribes?

  • Pharmacists prescribing is dependent on good communication between the pharmacist, the patient, and the other health professionals on the patient’s health care team. Patient health and safety always come first.
  • Each pharmacist must limit their prescribing to their areas of professional competence.
  • Pharmacists must meet additional specific criteria set by the college to be authorized to initiate new drug therapy and/or to manage ongoing therapy.

Pharmacists will only prescribe if they have sufficient information to make decisions on safe and effective drug therapy.

How do I start filling my prescriptions with your pharmacy?

Simply contact our pharmacy or come in and visit us. We will get in touch with your existing pharmacy on your behalf and request a transfer of your medications to our store.

Can you blister-pack my medications? Is it free?

Yes we offer free blister-packing of medications for all our patients. Simply come in and talk to us today about getting setup! All we require is a few minutes of your time to discuss proper dosing times and medications that you would like included.

Will you stock basic over-the-counter products? How will your prices compare?

We will offer a variety of products in our front store similar to those found in larger department stores, just at a smaller scale. We will offer competitive pricing to ensure cost savings for you and your family.
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