Refill Buddy

If you live a busy, hectic life and have no time to run around completing all your day-to-day errands, let Refill Buddy make your life a little easier. Send Prescription Refills through the App! No more calling the Pharmacy! How about taking a picture of a new prescription and sending it to your favorite Pharmacy for processing.

You can also request the Pharmacy to contact your Doctor to get a Prescription Refill for you! Or, set up MedsCheck appointments! Don’t waste your valuable time standing in line, visiting a Doctors office, waiting on hold on the phone, or playing phone tag. Refill Buddy allows you to get back to the more important things in life!
With this FREE, one of a kind solution, the prescription world just became a whole lot simpler!

Refill Buddy Features:

Take a photo of your prescription and send it to your favourite pharmacy to be filled! Submit the hard copy when you get there. No more lines!!!
• REFILL multiple prescriptions at once, to your favorite pharmacy.
• ASK your pharmacist to call your doctor and get a prescription for you.
• SCHEDULE MedsCheck appointments.
• REQUEST an Rx Transfer from one pharmacy to another.
• FIND pharmacies by Name, GPS, or by Address. (Canada and US pharmacies only)
• CHECK Pharmacy hours without having to call in.
• SAVE your user profile and keep a detailed history of your transactions.

Download the Refill Buddy Mobile App today and get familiarized with the beautifully designed user interface and you’ll never go back to the old way of fulfilling your prescriptions!
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